Environmental Policy

In respond to the global environmental protection policy, realizing the limited natural resources on the earth, all the staffs of AIMMET INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will devote ourselves to take action to reduce the exhaust and the waste in our daily life and production process to echo the global environmental protection action and to seek the company’s forever management.

We promise we will do our best to complete the company’s social responsibility, effectively control the products of AIMMET INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. to meet the requirement of EU RoHS directive and of Environmental prohibition on certain Hazardous Substances and do our best to protect the global environment to implement the environment protection and set up he environmental policy as below:

  • Obey laws and regulations — Follow the related laws and regulations of the environmental protection and to obey the requirement about Hazardous Substances on the customer’s required.

  • Pollution Prevention — Prevent pollution, continuously improve the Environmental Management System to make it ompliant to the character of organization scale, regularly review and keep improving the environmental policy, goal and subject.

  • Saving Energy & Reducing Waste — Save the energy, reduce the waste, retard the energy to be exhausted and cut down the impact of the pollution on the natural environment.

  • Environment Protection — Enhance communicating and guiding the environmental policy, prevent pollution and strive protecting natural environment. Implement enforcing the management system to lessen the harmful influence on the ecosystem.